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Jan 29, 2013 1:00pm EST
right is jim lehrer, who has done 12 debates. nobody will catch up to that. jim is and prolific author and winner of every prize in journalism. to my left, bob schieffer, anchor of "face the nation" and an author and winner of many journalism awards, and martha raddatz, the chief global affairs correspondent. she spent a lot of time in iraq and afghanistan and winner of many prizes for her reporting. candy crowley cannot be with us because of a family emergency. we send our best to her. jim and bob have done this debate stuff before. for martha, it was a first appearance. you have done so many interviews in your career. was this any different? >> not at all. [applause] [laughter] >> janet brown called me. i said, i'll take a vacation and go do the debates. it was so different. i was not covering the campaign. i was running around the world. i basically crammed into nothing but study -- and did nothing but study, like studying for the sats, and then taking them in front of millions of people. [laughter] when i first got the call, i was so out of the loop, with how they do it that i reme
Jan 25, 2013 7:00pm EST
into kuwait. we saw the global presidents put together by jim baker and george h.w. bush nsx 70 hageman of the world's nations. this subset can do that, we have seen a completely different scene and that is what i would describe as the 20 armors and three libraries and they've got about a dozen fires popping up here in different parts of the world. and oliver sudden, you have people who don't have -- a lot of people in congress who don't have the previous reference has basically come to the conclusion that the world is change and they really can't afford, nor do we have the public support for global engagement. when you go back home intact to people back home, it literally is like saying you need to diet and lose a lot of weight and i'll get a haircut or not solve the problem. the amount of foreign aid in person is shrinking to the point where it's relatively insignificant compared to the whole. yet the will to support that going forward into the event step out and say well, we are to be more engaged here or we can do more here or these are the functions that are working, it's h
Jan 25, 2013 9:00am EST
slavery and the jim crow codes. that racism hinges on the idea that blacks are an inferior race that deserves the poverty it gets. the premise -- the prejudice that led to martin's death is different. important by those old concepts of racial orders that blacks have their place in society reflects the urban iconography of today's racial inequality, namely the black ghetto, a uniquely urban america creation. disaggregation -- this segregation coexist with a process that has produced the largest black middle class in history. reflects the social ryegrass this -- it reflects the social progress the country has made since a 1960's. it pave the way for blacks to access public and special opportunities. it would have been unimaginable in till's time. the sort of racism that led to his death so exist in american society. americans have a more nuanced attitude toward the race than anything we have ever seen before. usually, that attitude is not manifest itself in violent acts. instead, it manifests and pervasive mindsets and serotypes that all black people start from the inner city ghetto an
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3